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Encore Fellows Cheryl Edmonds and Paul Speer
Encore Fellows Cheryl Edmonds and Paul Speer

Making the transition to an encore stage of work in the social-purpose sector can be a significant undertaking. Encore Fellows make significant contributions applying the skills, experience and knowledge acquired during a primary career. Encore Fellowships are high-impact, flexible, time-limited, paid assignments with nonprofits and public agencies, offering the opportunity to establish new personal networks and learn what it’s really like to work in a new social-purpose environment.

If you are interested in becoming an Encore Fellow, we’d like to hear from you.

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Key Elements of an Encore Fellowship

Encore Fellows:

  • Make significant contributions using the skills, experience and knowledge you already have
  • Earn a stipend (typically $20,000 to $25,000) for completing a 1,000 hour assignment
  • Enjoy a flexible work schedule (~half-time for a year or full-time for 6 months)
  • Learn firsthand about nonprofits, foundations and other social institutions
  • Establish contacts and personal networks in a new sector
  • Join a peer cohort of Encore Fellows

If you are interested in becoming an Encore Fellow, we’d like to hear from you. Encore Fellow applicants are invited to apply year-round, and if there is a good opportunity that seems to match your interests and skills, a program director will contact you. Please note that the process is selective. Due to the number of applications and limited number of fellowships, you may not be contacted, but we will keep your application available for consideration as new fellowship opportunities and programs open up.

See the EFN’s Nondiscrimination Policy.

Featured Encore Fellow Stories

Innovation, Collaboration and Learning

a_gable_20120807by Anne Gable, who leveraged a 30-year career in commercial IT start-ups to an Encore Fellowship with AltruIT, a nonprofit social venture in IT services.

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My Experience as an Encore Fellow

Louisa Hellegers 1 resizedby Louisa Hellegers. After completing her fellowship in 2012, Louisa joined her nonprofit work host as director of Organizational Development. She later served as the director of the New York Encore Fellows Program.

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Typical Encore Fellow Roles

The primary focus of an Encore Fellowship is to complete a high-impact project in a social-purpose organization, such as a nonprofit, a foundation, a school district or a hybrid social venture. The nature of the project depends on the need of the organization and on the fellow’s experience, skills and interest. Encore Fellows bring a wide variety of highly transferable skills that can have a huge impact on the organizations that host them.

Here are some typical fellow functional assignments:

Business Development and Strategic Planning

Lynda Zakrzewski was the business development and planning fellow at Community Environment Center, the largest not-for-profit energy conservation organization in New York state. Lynda developed new business models and ventures for CEC.

Engineering/Process Improvement

Pat Guerra was the Operations/Production Manager at Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara. Pat’s role was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Food Bank’s large operations and distribution network to provide more fresh produce to their clients.

Financial Management

Connie Osborne was the CFO at 1stAct Silicon Valley. Connie was responsible for implementing robust accounting, financial and information systems during the organization’s startup phase.

Human Resources

Roger Lewis was the human resources Encore Fellow at Gardner Family Health Network in San Jose. Roger recommended and implemented improvements in their HR systems and providing management training to improve employee oversight and competitiveness.

Marketing and Communications

Sollee Hermoso leveraged her marketing, program and project management skills in her Encore Fellowship with Aspiranet’s marketing communications group, managing the annual fundraising campaign plan.

Operations/Performance Management

Kunio Hasebe was the Chief Experience Advisor at West County Health Centers, where he helped design systems to create a patient-centered customer experience at their clinics, and transform care through the use of technology and data driven decisions.

Project Management

Cheryl Edmonds was the volunteer services fellow at Metropolitan Family Service in Portland. Cheryl led a program to enhance volunteer development opportunities, working specifically with local businesses to promote volunteerism among people aged 55+.

Fellow Videos

Intel Encore Fellows Program

Intel Encore Fellow image


In a major expansion of the Encore Fellows program, Intel has offered all of its U.S. employees who are eligible to retire the chance to apply for Encore Fellowships. In the first two years of the program, over 200 retiring Intel employees across 15 states have become Encore Fellows.